How Does Online Training Work?

Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Have access to your trainer when you need them via an in ap instant msging service, be able to take your workouts wherever you go, track your progress, track you body stats and be held accountable, with online coaching there is no hiding and as everything is done at your convenience there are no excuses. What on earth are you waiting for! Still not convinced? Please head over to our Testimonial page and read some of our awesome client’s testimonials. Your success is our success.


Start now, not tomorrow.

Who will my coach be?

You coach will be....ME!

Stuart Marshall, well known as "the begginers coach" I love working with new commers, none of my cleints are elite level and most are just like you, just starting out or have tried before and for numeros reasons come off the rails. Well that stops with me, I am your coach, your guide and your driving force to get you off that couch and get you over your finish line. Whatever your personal finish line is I will be the one to guide you to getting there.

 you’re a novice gym goer. you are confused. You are overwhelemd. There is so much BS out there it all gets too much, weights, cardio, Intermitent fasting, Low carb diet, keto diet, vegan, paleo, its all just soooo much being left to your own devise, many a newbie is left uncertain as to where to begin and how to stay on track with an effective and progressive strength and conditioning program.

That is why I have started Couch 2 Finish Line, combining individual  programs with personalized strength and conditioning program designed specifically to meet you as a new gym goer.  With my knowledge and experience in strength training, I design individualized training programs to suit your needs, goals, current fitness level, equipment available and of course, your schedule.  You will get all the perks of a personal trainer (program design, accountability, motivation, etc.) but with workouts done on your own time and at your convenience, everything is done for you. 

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