When I first met Stuart in 2014 I was in a rut. I’d lost a lot of weight previously through various diets. But I’d put back on 15kgs of the 30 odd kgs that I had lost and if something didn’t change soon the last 15kgs would be back and I’d be back to square one.
Stuart introduced me to flexible dieting and weight lifting. I’d been a member of my gym for nearly 3 years but I hadn’t set foot in the door in over 12 months. I love that flexible dieting allows me to have all the things that I love (mmmmm Maltesers), but has taught me moderation. I have now lost that 15kgs that I put back on and I’m well on my way to my goal weight (less then 10kgs to go). I am confident that the weight won’t creep back on as Stuart’s system is easy to use and maintainable for the rest of my life.
I dont normally do this but 6 months ago I was underweight and unhappy with myself all I was doing was eating the wrong foods and no exercise. I knew I had to do something! This is me today dont get me wrong I still eat takeaway but in moderation. I am happier inside and out and feel good about myself I still have so much yet I want to achieve. I could not have done this on my own so thank you to my coach Stuart Marshall for all the support, guidence and motivation I didnt have when I first started 
I work full time, have a wife and 2 young kids, I spent years blaming a lack of time as to why I could not loose the gut. I have beena  member of several gyms but always dropped off after a month or so ou of frustraion and failure, its easier to just say I dont have time. I gave stuart's program a go as a bit of a last resort. Turns out I had plenty of time just didnt have the know how or the motivation - do what I did and just give it a go and see for yourself 
I was getting married in 6 months and needed to look my best. I hated diets and hated gyms more. Everytime I had tried something it worked for a bit but then it just got in the way of life, I am a FIFO worker and most times on camp its eat whats provided. I tried gyms before but they are all stuck up, take your money but done give you any help. I flicked past stuarts offer and knowing it was free, just thought "why not" 
I do not look like a pro bodybuilder and never wanted to, I just wanted to drop a bit for my wedding, Stuarts style of coaching is awesome, always avaible when I need to ask a question and really calls me out when I slack off. Gave me workouts to do when I was away for work and folowed his gym routines when I was home, bloody aweomse so far and cant wait for more results.


Yep, Coach stuart let himself go to 96kg and a shocking 32% bodyfat. I was single and living off KFC and beer. While a tasy combination it was, I have no doubt it contibuted to my very single status! Anyway basically I just got fed up with it, I had to go to the big guys section of target to buy shirts to try and cover the gut up, I was ordering more and more food but pretending they were for a famil, when really I went home to the empty house sound on the couch and shoved it down my mouth till I felt sick and sorry for myself. I had not excuse to not workout, I was a PT for christ sake I worked at a gym, I ddint work much so there was plenty of time, I was just lazy and stuck in a cuclye of starting Monday... Anyway I met a girl!  After a few weeks she pointed out that I was not putting in much effort and not really that attracted to me. OUCH. But damn it was what I needed, I went to work on building a gym program for myself that would suit my lifestyle and be maintanable, cut out the shit food and cut back on the beers. within 12 weeks I was shopping in the smaller guys section, 12 months later I had 4 abs sticking out where my beer gut used to be - I had gone from 32% donw to 11% in less than 12 months, no restrictve BS diets or hours in the gym, small changes that lead to lifeterm habbits. IMG_3576[1].JPG


I went to stuart because I was lost. I was going to the gym but getting knowhere all the machines were scarey and complicated (or so I thought) His programs bloody work, they take all the guess work out and boy do you get in trouble if you miss a workout or check in without good reason! Give it a go for yourself.IMG_6236[1].JPG



Stuart was recomended to me as I have back issues from truck driving and years of bad posture- and bad food! I ddint know what to do, when to do it, how often to do it or why I should be doing it. Stu took care of everything for me and still does, cant recomend the blke highly enough, knows his shit and keeps it real.