So you are new to strength training and not sure where to get started? You have reached a plateau in your current program?     Couch 2 Finish Line coaching is the answer to all your strength training needs that will work in harmony with your customized running program.  My programs focus on the specific needs and demands of running, tailored personally towards YOU and your goals, current fitness level, training availability and access to equipment.  So whether you've never lifted a single weight or you' have been in a gym a bit before, Couch 2 Finish Line  coaching can take you to your next level and beyond!

It all starts with an initial consultation form (no sales phone calls, no bombarding you with emails) this initial contact form allows me to get to know you a little better, what you're currently doing, and what you're looking to accomplish- I stress the importance of having some set and specific running goals so we both know exactly what we are working towards.  From there, I will build you a program that fits your schedule, your equipment, your needs, and so much more...

What to Expect from Couch 2 Finish Line Online Coaching

  • Strength and conditioning program designed specifically for you
  • Exercise library (videos & descriptions of each exercises)
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Basic  nutritional guidance
  • Structured and adequate recovery time
  • Measurable results, body changes as well as strength and speed performance
  • Confidence in gym setting as well as run performance
  • Stronger, leaner body
  • Less likely to get injured
  • Increase flexibility and mobility
  • Improved form and running economy, which leads faster race times!
  • In app msging service

Unlike other programs where you just download a cookie-cutter collection of exercises and left to your own demise, you will receive personalized program design (based on your goals, needs and current level of fitness), as well as coaching and accountability from your own personal strength and conditioning coach!

Premium Coaching

Online coaching offers customized strength and conditioning programs designed specifically to the needs and goals.  Premium Coaching includes:

  • Email consultation to discuss current fitness level, health history, goals, etc.
  • Personalized, progressive strength program  set specific to you and your goals- NO COPY AND PASTE 
  • Up to 5 customized workouts per week
  • Workouts and video library accessible through Couch 2 Finish Line mobile app
  • Basic nutritional support
  • Accountability and support via messenger/email- with a maximum 24 hour turn around time on questions (usually I will get back to you within a few hours) 

Cost of programming can be as little as $35 per week with 3 month commitment (option to go month to month after that).


Take full Advantage of our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY OPTION, simply click the link attached and you will have  access to you very own 14 day free trial. See for yourself what online coaching is all about and how it will be the final answer to your continued lack of success

 If after 14 days you decide having your very own personal coach is not a benifit to your helath and fitness jorney..... no worries :)  your account will automaticly be cancelled and no charges, no phone calls and no emails trying to convince you, you have nothing to loose! 

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